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What Can Your Electronic Photo Album Do?

It's the perfect way to organize, protect, and share your photographs. This groundbreaking software will allow you to turn your photos into lasting memories, whether they be from a digital camera or scanned from a photograph. The best part of it is it's FREE! It's built in as a free client of PhotoMazing image viewing software. This means you get this entire application for free when you download the PhotoMazing viewing software.

Using Electronic Photo Album software, you can combine photos from different locations into one album. You no longer need to worry about directory locations or file names. When you create your photo albums, you can browse and preview the albums also using the automatic thumbnail preview viewer.

Create Java Slide Shows and Web-Sites from your digital album - automatically. Use the wizard to create a Java based slide show or create a single page or frame based web site in seconds! You can pre-view the Web-sites locally on your PC using any web browser or you can publish them online by copying the directory image to the internet. Most importantly, it's all automatic. If you can click on a button with a mouse, you can create your own web-sites or slide shows!

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Internet Marketing and Web Site Submission

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